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You must adhere to all limitations on distribution, use and copying of any Materials which you download from Site, it is subject such limitations. You agree to use Services only, to have an access, with specific Materials or Services, accessible or used by us. As some examples of improper actions, applying to to or using Site, Services or Materials, you co-ordinate, that you do not must:
1. Collect, information of activity LRADIO - BALTIJA, to get the addresses of e-mail, telephone numbers, personal information or any other information, about other.
2. Use or try to get access or use other account, password, Service, Materials or computer systems or Site without authorization from LRADIO - BALTIJA, through the downloading systems, generator passwords or any other facilities.
3. Moving or pretended addition any sent Materials is any copyright, trade mark or other legal or private notifications of rights, ascriptions of author or other information, as for example origin or source of Material.
4. Have an access or try to appeal to any Material, that you are not authorized to have access or Materials through any facilities, not intentionally done accessible through Site or Services.
5. Make accessible any files, containing Materials, wherever you own or manage, or did not get necessary licenses, all of Intellectual Ownership Rights, rights for confidentiality and publicity and all other other rights and to such Materials.
6. Use any Materials in any form which violates any Intellectual Ownership Rights or other rights for any company.
7. you destroy or interfere with safety, or other harm of reason, Site, or any Services, Materials, system resources, accounts, passwords, united not accessible appearance through Site. Or anything other counteraction.
It will be a go law!
8. Pass unsolicited or mass spam in any shape or form on a postal server LRADIO - BALTIJA.
9. Pass any files, which are harmful or destructive from other equipment, software or other property, including any spoiled files, time bombs, Trojan horse, viruses and worms.
10. To create the identity of lie with the purpose of introduction in an error other.
11. To load any Materials, hung out other, that you know, or reasonably you must to know, it can not be legally reproduced, diffused or showed in such form.
12. To destroy, interfere or hinder any other user from the use and pleasure or other connection Site, Materials or Services.
13. To apply any directives or other codes of conduct, applicable to specific Service or Materials.
14. Break law rights LRADIO - BALTIJA or any third direction (including rights for confidentiality and publicity) or abuse, to defame, upload access or threaten other.
15. Use any LRADIO - BALTIJA name of area as a pseudonymous address of recurrent e-mail.
16. Sale any commodities or services for any business purpose (including advertising and creation of suggestions, to purchase or sell commodities or services), only if it is especially allowed to do so LRADIO - BALTIJA. Using Services or Materials, you will be subject any hung out directives, rules or licenses, to applicable to such Services or Materials, in addition to Terms of the Use. Materials and Services, by the well-to-do third persons (collectively, "Trilateral Services"), are managed by separate agreements, accompanying such Materials and Services. LRADIO - BALTIJA offers no guarantees and assumes no responsibility or obligation of any type in relation to Trilateral Services, including any obligation, what be going on from incompatibility between Trilateral Service, Materials LRADIO - BALTIJA provided Services or other Trilateral Service. You co-ordinate, that you will not hold LRADIO - BALTIJA responsible or responsible in relation to Trilateral Services. Certain Services and Materials only will be done accessible to the users, who paid LRADIO - BALTIJA fee for such Services and Materials. Possibly, required additionally, that such users entered into a subscription agreement or other agreement of the use for this specific Service or Material. In addition to these Terms of the Use, the users of any Services which include Venues Communications, possibly, are required, in the unique discretion LRADIO - BALTIJA, to be consonants on a separate legal agreement on Site or differently. Your access to such Venues Communications will be denied for violation or Terms of the Use, or the proper agreement.

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